Share the Love

What works at the top, may not support you in getting to the top.  Ah, now take a moment and think about this one…do you ever feel that what works for your upline isn’t working for you.  This comes as no surprise if you are in an established direct sales company.  While no one wants to admit this, it’s true and you know it!

So what are you going to do?  Remember, you are responsible for your own success.  Your direct sales business is just like  a “start-up” company.  Did you join and take a back seat on your upline’s team?  Did they ever invite you to ride shotgun with them and duplicate what they have created by doing what they do?  Only problem is what they have created isn’t a clear cut system and so you move to the back seat for a change of view.

“So now what?” you may be asking.  Help me grow. I want to be in the driver’s seat w/ a carload of dedicated team members.  We know that as a new consultant there is so much pressure to start off right and most of the focus is about offering a product or service.  Yet, for the recruiter/sponsor, the focus should be on forming a cohesive team and efficient work environment.  It is your responsibility to take new consultant orientation seriously.  The first 4 – 6 weeks is critical in the life of a direct seller.  When someone experiences successes immediately, they will want more.  No one ever joins to fail!

Creating a team culture is vital.  Giving every new consultant access to the CEO (that’s YOU) is tremendously valuable in creating the team culture.  You want to provide the answers to any of their questions that may not be addressed in your direct sales company new consultant training.  Remember, you are the one with the “street smarts” and this is your opportunity to share your expertise.

So how do you create a team culture?  It is important to find and invite new members to drink the “Kool-Aid”.  We know that not everyone will be a perfect fit and that’s ok.  While we never turn anyone away from the business opportunity, you want to focus on those who possess the skills and desire to be a part of something even greater.  Sharing your team vision with everyone is the key to your future and success!