making choices

Many moms send their kids off everyday saying, “Make smart choices”.  Life is all about choices.  I went to coaching school to learn how to support others in creating those choices.  Did you ever meet someone who was so caught up in “their story” that you began to believe they had no choice?  The truth is, they did have a choice and they chose the one they believed to be their reality.  Harsh – not really, just truth. (My mom says I see the world through rose colored glasses, that’s the choice I make – seeing the good in all things including those who may be stuck in their story – I have been placed in their lives for a reason – to help them create their choices or not, it’s their choice. J)

So in your direct sales business – you have choices to make everyday.  Especially regarding, what will I do in my business today?  Unlike when you work for someone else and they tell you what you will do and what’s expected of you.  So what does a direct sales business look like?  How do you even begin to offer this job to someone else?  What are the expectations?

 I’d like to share how you can break down what the responsibilities are in a direct sales business that was created by my good friend & associate, Krista Clive-Smith, into very simplistic terms related to time spent on specific activities.

                60% Money Making Activities – Parties, Shows, Exposure Events, Fundraisers, Supporting Team

                20% Strategic Planning – an analogy is within one chess move, you will be making money.

                                Booking Calls & Activities, Recruiting Interviews, Networking – in person or online.

                10% Administrative – Banking, making host & opportunity packets, post office.

10% Super Customer Service – following up w/ customers to make sure they are satisfied and…

Offer tips regarding the products they have purchased; share upcoming specials they may be interested in – product & recruiting specials; offer the opportunity to host their own party/show; if and only if you are comfortable, ask for a referral.

So as you create your day, where is your time being spent?  Think about the percentages and work towards getting your business into alignment so you’ll be making money.  That is why you are in business – right?

Here’s another tool a Weekly Planning Sheet that was shared with me by Julie Anne Jones. Click Here to download this tool to support you in making smart choices.