Many times leaders will come to me w/ the question, “How do I motivate my team?”  The truth about motivation is that it must come from within.  Each individual is responsible for lighting the fire within them.  So here are a few tips to support your team members to “reignite” their fire and remember, if the flame doesn’t take fire, move on.

Are you taking yourself too seriously? Give them permission to have fun and laugh.  Sound crazy?

    • Would you rather be having fun and laughing when doing the areas of your job you dislike or do you prefer to stay in a negative mood muddling through these tasks?
    • Offer a Booking Blitz Contest (a specific time frame for team members to book shows).  Make it fun.
      • Create a Bingo game sheet & have them notify you when they get “BINGO!”
      • Ideas for squares – Husband answered, No answer, Interested – Call Back, etc.
      • Prizes – make them FUN!  Everyone who plays wins.
    • Offer a Recruiting Campaign (30 – 60 days) with the idea of “sharing” the opportunity vs. focusing on the number of recruits.  This is a great idea to repeat throughout the year.
      • Every time a team member shares the opportunity with someone, the team member receives a ticket into a drawing and the prospect will receive a ticket into a separate drawing.
      • Be sure the prize for the team member is a “splurge” – gift card, manicure, pedicure, etc.
      • Prospect prize – create a gift basket filled with your company products that you already have on hand.

Encourage them to clear the clutter.  Living in a cluttered environment can stress you out and drain your energy.  Simplify your direct sales business.

      • Create an office in a box – a portable office.
      • Create an Inbox, Outbox, Future Idea Files
      • Cleanup your leads list and give them permission to get rid of “cold” leads – even better, have them pass their cold leads onto someone else on their team for follow up.
      • Products – find a place to store & organize – preferably a closet or garage.
      • Supplies – toss outdated materials.  Keep organized in file cabinet/closet.

Stop Worrying – it wastes precious time and energy.

      • Focus on the positive.
      • Reframe a negative thought and redirect that energy into something positive.