The purpose of a Direct Sales Business Accelerator is to provide a direct seller with guidance and mentorship in their business. The challenge that direct sellers face is they get stuck in the trenches living day to day and fail to incorporate strategic business strategies in the development of their business. It is critical at this point in their business life cycle to seek out someone to support them to sustain growth.

Often it is necessary to seek advice and guidance from a business accelerator who will help them to increase their rate of growth. The emphasis is on rapid growth, and to sort out all organizational (team), operational (systems) and strategic difficulties that they might be facing in business.


If you are an individual…

If you are corporate…

“I think often of you and all you did for me. I implement all of what I learned on a weekly, and sometimes a daily basis. I did earn the Mediterranean Cruise. My sales have gone through the roof! I hit $4000 in January and $4500 in March. YEAH! Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.”
Anna Davis Palmer,, Close To My Heart
“Nancy helps you to get right to the core of it, she asks the questions needed for YOU to find a solution, then listens to the plan you have to shift to the place you need to be to move forward, and move forward you do. It’s amazing. The results of my time spent coaching with Nancy have been priceless.”
Vicki L Fustine, lia sophia
“Nancy – Well…I took what we talked about today in regards to adding shows to my calendar and recruiting interviews to my calendar. All I can say is….’AMAZING!!!!!!’ I am so thankful you came into my life. “
Maria van der Kleut, The Pampered Chef