Nancy Golya’s mission is to share her knowledge and expertise of direct sales with corporations and individual direct sellers. Her focus is to discover what is already present and utilize the best and most positive elements to create the desired outcome of a corporate office or individual direct seller. Her goal is to position herself as the solution to direct sales challenges.

Team Building

/Team Building

Share the Love & Vision through Team Culture

What works at the top, may not support you in getting to the top.  Ah, now take a moment and think about this one…do you ever feel that what works for your upline isn’t working for you.  This comes as no surprise if you are in an established direct sales company.  While no one wants [...]

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Having it ALL in 2013

It’s that time of year where we start off fresh…wanting to create new habits in ourselves and business.  While I’d love to tell you all of the things to do to improve your diet and health, my expertise is in Direct Sales.  So here’s what I know.T It’s time for you to get what you [...]

How to Motivate Your Team – Tips to Reignite Their Fire

Many times leaders will come to me w/ the question, “How do I motivate my team?”  The truth about motivation is that it must come from within.  Each individual is responsible for lighting the fire within them.  So here are a few tips to support your team members to “reignite” their fire and remember, if the flame doesn’t take fire, move on. […]

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